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With more than 2 million solar-powered homes and hundreds of thousands of solar panels deployed, Americans have well adopted this proven technology for their homes and businesses.

There is a no brainer to go solar and save money on energy bills. Over 2 Million Americans can’t be wrong.

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The Benefit of Solar Power

Solar Power makes sense in two main ways: environmentally and financially. As electricity costs continue to rise, and much of our electricity is generated in ways that are harmful to the planet, there are many compelling reasons for using Renewable Energy for our domestic power needs.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

  • An immediate reduction in the production of carbon emissions as your home draws less power from existing, non-renewable energy sources
  • A clean, reliable source of energy that will produce power for decades with little or no ongoing maintenance or costs
  • Simply installing your system contributes to US’s Renewable Energy Target of 20% Renewable Energy by 2030

The uptake of solar power in US is accelerating as prices continue to fall, and there are now millions of Americans living in homes powered by solar across US. The use of solar power in the home is one of the single, most effective ways to reduce a household’s carbon footprint – each kWh of solar energy generated replaces power generated by other non-renewable sources.

In fact, even the smaller average household solar systems can reduce your greenhouse emissions by 2 or 3 tonnes per year.

As household solar power is becoming more widespread around the world, recent research is now showing that small-scale solar PV is delivering greater benefits in terms of reduced demand than had been previously thought.

Today’s solar panels have a design life of several decades with little or no ongoing maintenance so they are one of the few energy sources that literally have a zero carbon footprint.

Financial Benefits of Solar Power

  • The initial costs for residential systems are heavily subsidized in US through the government, making it an attractive investment for many people
  • Solar Power can reduce or eliminate residential power bills, by having a big impact on the amount of energy you buy from the grid
  • A Solar System can pay for itself in around 3 to 5 years – and with the Panels having a design life of 25 to 40 years – this can mean many years of free power
  • Once installed, the price of the energy you produce is locked in and cannot increase

Importantly, investing in a Solar Power System for your home is one of the few investments that allow you to make a direct and personal impact on the environment as well as having the potential for financial returns.

Talk to one of our expert consultants to find out why Solar Power makes sense – we would be happy to review your current power usage and see if Solar is right for you.

Residential Solar Power can Save you Money

As electricity prices continue to rise, going solar can significantly help reduce your power bill. Every kilowatt of solar power that you use is money you are not giving to your energy retailer.

The more solar power you can use in your home the greater your potential savings. Solar systems can often have a payback of only three years!

Solar can be one of the best investments you can make for your family, and actual savings will depend on your energy usage so call us now to help you make the switch to solar.

No matter what type of business you own, you require electricity to operate it

Take control of your energy costs with a solar power system tailored to your needs. A solar installation empowers you to generate your own electricity and manage your bills on your terms.

The top reasons businesses benefit from solar panel

You can protect your business from rising energy rates

When you install solar panels on your roof or in your parking lot, it means you're generating power right where it's needed—and that means savings! Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels, so once you're up and running, you'll be saving money on every day that goes by.

You can sell your surplus energy back to utility companies

Don't you love the feeling of helping the environment and getting paid for it? That's what happens when you sell your surplus energy back to utility companies. When you install solar panels, they generate more energy than you can use in a single day. This excess energy gets sent back into the grid—but not for free! Utility companies will actually pay you money for it!

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