Commercial / Business Address:
Most of our trucking carriers offer Curb Side Delivery to your location. Curbed Side Delivery means it is the responsibility of the customer who is receiving the shipment to have the means to unload the product by fork lift or loading dock.

If lift gate service is required additional fees will be added depending on the freight carrier. Solar Express is not responsible if the product cannot be unloaded off the truck. Truck drivers are not required to help you unload the product off the truck.

If you operate your business out of residential address or the project site is located at a business address, you will be charged for the additional costs of delivering to a residential address. The truck driver will confirm the address as being either a commercial address or residential address at the time of delivery.

Residential address:
Trucking carriers impose additional shipping costs to a residential address. The additional fee is due to shipping carriers not being able to use 18 wheelers down residential streets and their need to switch to smaller trucks. You are responsible for additional shipping costs to a residential address.

Additional costs for residential delivery is approximately $200.00 depending on your location and shipping carriers.

It is solely your responsibility to determine in advance if your address can be serviced by a truck. Some residential addresses cannot receive truck deliveries under any circumstances. If the truck cannot get to your residential address you will be charged for the delivery regardless.

Residential customers should request lift gate service. Lift gate service additional charges can range from $50 to $125 depending on carrier.

If you do not request lift gate service, Solar Express will not be responsible if the product cannot be unloaded from the truck.

Truck drivers are not required to help you unload the product off the truck .If the driver or customer cannot unload the product it will be brought back to the truck terminal. The customer will be financially responsible for both the 1st delivery attempt and making a 2nd delivery attempt and will be charged accordingly.

Delivery time:
The product is scheduled to be delivered within 3 weeks from the time order is placed.

Inspect your products upon delivery for any damage, prior to signing any documentation which releases the freight carrier from liability. If you find that any of the delivered products are damaged in any way, then you have the right to inspect the contents. Do not accept freight which is damaged. Give us a call if you have damaged goods and we will advise as to what your next step should be. If the driver will not wait, then mark on the delivery receipt “Concealed Damage Possible” and then inspect contents. Call us with any concerns.